The Las Vegas Valley is in the middle of summer when the temperature stays in the 100s most days and we all know what that means – HIGHER electric bills. Air conditioning is a MUST, but it takes a lot of energy which causes our electric bills to spike. Here are some tips to help you keep your house cooler without breaking the bank.
[Some of these tips might seem a bit silly, but their silliness makes them memorable!]

  1. Grill outside more.
    When using the appliances in your kitchen in the middle of the summer can raise the temperature in your home by upwards of 15 degrees during each meal. By using your outdoor grill you’ll give your heat-inducing indoor appliances a break – plus everything tastes better from the grill!! Use this as an opportunity to create deliciously healthy meals and spend time outdoors with your friends and family!
  2. Keep your lights off.
    Light bulbs of all varieties can generate a lot of heat in a room. To keep rooms cooler, turn the lights off and keep them off. Reserve your electric energy for when you truly need it. Research has also shown that darker rooms tend to seem cooler than they are, so give your eyes and your wallet a rest.
  3. Try this fan hack!
    Place a mixing bowl filled with ice directly in front of a large stationary or circulating fan and keep the fan on or as close to the floor as you can. The air from the fan will flow over the ice, creating a refreshingly cool breeze rolling gently through your house. A wet washcloth over the front of the fan will also work if you’ve used all your ice for refreshing drinks!

  4. Trade out your sheets.Switching out your bedding seasonally can freshen up your space and keep you cool during those hot summer nights. Put away your winter fleece and flannel sheets and blankets and opt for cotton, as cotton fabric breathes easier and stays naturally cooler by several degrees. Buckwheat pillows (yes, those exist!) can also help keep you cooler when you sleep.  The naturally occurring space between the buckwheat hulls allows the pillow to circulate air, unlike thicker pillowcases and other linens.
  5. Mind your doors.Unused rooms? Close them off to keep airflow in only the parts of the house you are using (and close the vents in those rooms).

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  6. Close your blinds.This is a simple but overwhelmingly effective tip. It’s reported that up to 30% of unwanted heat comes directly from your windows and using blinds and drapes results in drastically lower temperatures. Heat gain can be reduced by up 33% with drapes and up to 45% with highly reflective blinds. Cover windows to avoid a greenhouse-type effect in your home, especially those windows that face to the south and the west.
  7. Be strategic about your landscaping.
    Are you ready for new landscaping? Be mindful where you plant tall bushes, trees, and other plants. If you want a shadow over a certain window of your house, ask your landscaper or make specific plans for that to happen. Trees are a great way to naturally block the sun from your home and give back to the environment. Be sure to use a tree that sheds it leaves in the winter, though, so you still get the sun‘s warmth in the colder months, when you want it.

The heat can be both expensive and dangerous, so be safe and mindful as we head into the final stretch of summer!

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